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Should You Be Worried About Novel Coronavirus?

Should You Be Worried About Novel Coronavirus?

You’ve seen a lot of information about novel coronavirus in the news. The World Health Organization deemed it a global health emergency. Should you be worried?

It’s not very likely that your parents will get this virus. Those who have tested positive have typically been in the Wuhan region of China prior to contracting the virus. Here’s what you should know about this respiratory illness.

What is Novel Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus is a respiratory illness that was originally believed to be spread from animals to humans, but it’s been found that it is spreading between people. It spreads just like the flu does. Exposure to the spray from someone’s cough or sneeze is a likely route of transmission. The disease can take 2 to 14 days to develop after exposure.

Symptoms are going to remind you of the flu. They are:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

As it is a virus, there are no medications that can cure it. If your parents do come down with it, they may be put on antibiotics if a secondary infection, such as pneumonia, develops.

Older People Are More Susceptible to Severe Symptoms

Older adults with secondary chronic health conditions like asthma and heart disease have a higher risk of developing severe symptoms. It’s also easy to keep the spread of the disease down by washing hands regularly, using a tissue to blow the nose and immediately throwing it away, and wearing a protective mask if traveling or in an area where ill people are likely to be present.

If your parents develop a cough or other symptoms, you should talk to their doctor about what to do next. Keeping them home, making sure they stay hydrated, and watching for signs of pneumonia is important.

U.S. Cases Are Spread Out and Not as Numerous as You’d Think

While there is a concern, especially if your parents have traveled overseas, the number of positive novel coronavirus cases in the U.S. isn’t that high. A total of 241 people have reported having the symptoms. Of those tested, almost half have been found to be something else. Eight people have tested positive for the virus as of February 1st. Other tests are still pending.

The states that have had one or more positive cases include Arizona, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington. The people who are testing positive for the virus had recently traveled to China.

Statistically, your parents are not likely to get the virus if they haven’t traveled recently or spent time with one of the infected people. They’re more likely to get a chest cold or the flu. If that happens, senior care services can help them during recovery.

With senior care aides helping your parents with meals, housework, and other daily chores, your parents can rest, drink plenty of fluids, and have the help they need to feel better.


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