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4 Important Things You May Not Know About In-Home Care

4 Important Things You May Not Know About In-Home Care

Many people are not fully aware of the various aspects and features of in-home care, including who usually needs it, options available with it, how it can be paid for, and other benefits. At Golden Heart Senior Care, we offer a range of elderly care services for our clients, including respite care, assisted in-home care, and more.

A Break for Family Caretakers

Respite care is one of the features of in-home care that gives one or more caregivers within the family the opportunity to rest and get replenished from taking care of their loved one. During this time, a professional in-home caregiver can provide the necessary care. This arrangement also benefits the recipient of the care when his or her primary caregiver has received the relaxation and rest needed to provide assistance and care once again.

Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Much evidence indicates that individuals who receive care in-home are less likely to experience a serious health event while receiving care at home as opposed to in a critical health care environment. This helps reduce the level of readmissions to the hospital.

Flexible Options Are Available

When receiving in-home care, it is important to have a customized plan to meet your loved one’s individual needs. A unique in-home care plan can cater to a person’s specific preferences, condition, and abilities. The caregiver needs to listen to the client and be a good match. This involves asking the client what matters to them, what they need, what they like to do, and other pertinent questions to help assess the type of care required. From this information, an experienced in-home care service can provide the flexibility to deliver a care plan that will meet the client’s care needs.

There Are Many Ways to Pay

It is possible to pay for in-home care outside of using your personal savings. Veterans and spouses of veterans have access to benefits that may cover in-home care. Some life insurance and long-term care insurance may also cover the services. A family member may be able to receive payment from a Medicare recipient as part of providing caregiving services. The various payment options can be complicated to research, but taking advantage of a program that minimizes the stresses on the recipient of the care and the caregiver can certainly be worthwhile.

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