Elderly Care in Avondale AZ: Can Elderly Adults Benefit From Massage Therapy?Many people think of massages as simply a way to relax while on vacation. However, massages can be an important part of an elderly person’s health regimen. Seniors not only benefit physically from getting regular massages, they can experience a boost in their mental health and wellness, too. Massages are proving to be an excellent, non-invasive way to alleviate many symptoms associated with old age.

Modern Massages are Good for Seniors

Massages and massage therapy have come a long way from simply a technique used at resorts to help people relax. Today, massage therapists must undergo quite a bit of training to be able to do what they do so well. They also need to be trained in certain techniques that are specific to atypical clients, such as elderly people, pregnant women, children and more. As studies continue to link better health with massages in seniors, they are becoming more common in elderly care centers and wellness programs.

Massages and massage therapy is extremely flexible and can be tailored for every elderly person’s needs. Not all massages are the same, so it’s a good idea for an elderly person to communicate with the masseuse about any health issues or problems they may be having. Of course, elderly adults should always consult with their doctor before getting any type of massage.

How Massages Can Benefit Elderly Adults

With age, people often experience an umber of health issues that are chronic, meaning there is no real cure. All they can do is to treat the symptoms. Massages are just one way to help relieve the symptoms of old age. When done properly, massages can help ease joint pain and tight muscles. It’s common for seniors to suffer from backaches, headaches and sore muscles. Other health benefits of massages for seniors include increased circulation, stimulated nerves, boosts flexibility, promotes deeper sleep and relieves arthritis pain. Some elderly adults report a decrease in headaches and migraines as well.

Massages can provide some relief for aging adults like nothing else can. Massages can also be a wonderful way to relieve stress and tension, giving elderly adults a much-needed mental boost. Also, many seniors experience a sense of well-being and satisfaction because massages release endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone that floods the body and makes people feel good. The power of touch is also important for elderly adults that grow increasingly isolated with age.

Important Considerations in Massages for the Elderly

Whether an elderly person is considered robust or frail, there are some factors that massage therapists must consider when providing massages. Seniors don’t have the range of motion that younger adults have, so massage therapists should take care not to cause pain by moving joints and muscles around too vigorously. The should also use a lighter pressure than is typical for a massage. Other considerations include shorter sessions, awareness of injuries or illnesses and limiting the number of times the elderly person has to move.

There’s no doubt that massages can be a wonderful part of an elderly care plan. The health benefits that seniors experience with regular massages will have them feeling happier and healthier for many years to come.