Contributed by Angela Swaim & Golden Kennedy of Golden Heart Senior Care

image1 (1)It’s time to celebrate the holidays! Are you thinking of “home,” longing to be home for the holidays?

Here in the retirement communities of Phoenix Valley, this is “home” to many of our Golden Heart Clients. Sometimes this means they don’t have family here to help celebrate those special days like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah. These are the days we and our Gold Star Caregivers take delight in creating celebrations for each of our treasured clients, especially those who are home alone…and it’s the little things that make celebrations greatimage2 (2)

…a Thanksgiving feast, thoughtful gifts to commemorate Christmas or the Festival of Lights, parties, or just a shared meal. As a 24/7 home care company, it’s easy for us to go that “extra mile” to make sure our Clients can celebrate in their own home. If their family or friends are not in town, our team looks forward to making sure each client is remembered as a member of the Golden Heart Family…and this is probably true for all the great home care companies.

image3But what about the other seniors in our communities who may be left home alone for the holidays? I imagine that many of you have a friend or neighbor who is “shut-in” or has no where to go celebrate this year…and you are probably bringing them into your home, taking a meal to them, or finding some way to make them feel they are “home” for the holidays. We are fortunate to live in a great community where people take care of one another. Love never takes a holiday…this year, may you be blessed to be a blessing to those around you who are in need of Family!

This Holiday Season let us reflect on our blessings and find ways to make life better for those around us who are in need!