RondaRonda was born and raised in Price, UT and has been in Arizona for a little more than 2 years. Ronda joined the Golden Heart team just a few months ago and has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. She excels in using the Golden Heart systems and makes sure her clients always receive the best quality care.

While working full time, Ronda also attends school studying child and adolescent behavioral health. She plans to finish next spring, hoping to graduate with honors. Ronda is in the medical field for many reasons. She enjoys the anatomy and physiology and the technical aspects of medication and therapy research.

Ronda loves creating bonds with her clients and their families and teaching how to promote self-care for chronic illnesses. She truly loves helping. She has had more than a few heartwarming moments with her clients. Whether they are sharing details of their loved ones who have passed or she is helping a client to walk once again. All her clients treasure her compassion, hard work and dedication.

Ronda says “Passion is a funny thing. I’m passionate about my family and raising my children as strong individuals. I’m passionate about teaching and learning, and I’m passionate about helping people.” “I love sharing a moment of laughter and creating a new bond.”

All of us here at Golden Heart would love to extend our congratulations to Ronda on being Employee of the Month. We value you and everything you do for your Clients and Golden Heart Senior Care!

Contributed by Raven Sunderland