Melissa Rieken joined Golden Heart in January 2014 as a new graduate from Trendsetter CNA Academy. She became a Team Lead in July 2014, was promoted to Senior Team Lead in 2015, and has served as our Transitional Care Manager since January 2016. Melissa was an exemplary Caregiver from day one, often going the extra mile and always being “tuned in” to her clients, expanding care services to meet their holistic needs. Melissa has been a true life saver on more than one occasion…

Once, while out walking with a client, she discovered a woman who had fallen and broken her hip. Melissa provided first aid, secured emergency response services for her, and remained in touch until after she was safely recovered.
More recently, she saw red heart balloons floating in the sky, and was prompted to call a client who we saw only once a week. When Hilda didn’t answer, she put out the alarm and organized a wellness check. This intervention saved Hilda’s life and gave her the opportunity to “finish well” by saying sweet goodbyes to her loved ones who traveled internationally to spend Hilda’s last days with her….

As an owner of Golden Heart, nothing has brought me more pride and gratitude than to be sitting in Hilda’s memorial service and hear our Caregiver’s name being referred to as an Angel…

Melissa is continuing her education with a goal to help Golden Heart maintain its leadership in the establishment of cutting edge care systems that focus on the dignity and independence of our valued clients. As a Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant, she has just completed the Certified Caregiver Bridge Course at Arizona Caregivers School in Mesa, and is now pursuing her Med Tech Certification.

She is the proud mother of Tristen who follows his mother’s example and is actively involved in enhancing the lives of some of our treasured clients. Melissa is a front-line leader in developing specialized eldercare services that continue to set Golden Heart apart!