Beth AdamsBeth’s story begins where she was born in Carbon County Utah. The passions that set Beth apart in her early years are the same ones that set her apart today…her love for seniors, her gift of cooking, and her desire to help people solve problems with common sense and dignity.

From a very young age, she spent hours in the kitchen creating full meals for the household. Today, her friends and extended family love to slip by her house uninvited – hoping to be offered a “taste test” of Beth’s latest gourmet dish. But being the common sense person that she is, all her meals are created on a budget. The word is, if you know Beth, you don’t have to shop the ads – just tell her what you want and she will tell you where it is on sale!

As a Caregiver, her story also began in those early years when her mother served as a CNA in the local nursing home. While her mother loved the work with a passion, Beth was equally enthralled. She spent hours at a time at the home, making friends with all the residents and filling their days with pleasure as she read to them, massaged their hands, share activities, and listened to their stories.

Beth moved to Arizona in March of 2016, shortly after, she joined the Golden Heart Family. Her passion for our Clients shows through the excellent care she provides. Beth has a natural ability to make her Clients feel comfortable and safe. She loves seeing the priceless smiles on their faces.

Beth is not only an extraordinary caregiver, she is also a team player and huge advocate for her Clients and their rights. When an issue arises with one of her Clients, she quickly finds a solution and helps resolve the problem, always considering the details of her Clients’ needs and preferences.

Beth wants to advance her education in the medical field and she has a special interest in Healthcare Social work. She not only believes our seniors deserve the best quality of life, she does everything she can to contribute to that quality!