ella augustineThere is no way to describe the value of an Extraordinary Caregiver. They enter each day never knowing what new challenges their Clients may be facing. It is their responsibility to meet those changing needs, and when they do, we recognized them as good Caregivers.

However, we never know when a client will experience a medical crisis that could put them in a high-risk, life threatening situation. These crises may occur while a Caregiver is on shift, or they may occur when the Client is home alone.

Extraordinary Caregivers can’t be everywhere at the right time, but they can stay “tuned in” to their clients, listen to their instincts, and follow promptings.

This is what Ella Augustine did. She had just finished serving one of our clients who lives in an independent care facility, and was reminiscing about another client, Bev O., who had been transferred into assisted living within the same residential community. Bev was no longer receiving care from us, but on this day Ella was prompted to stop in and visit her…

After knocking on the door several times, there was no answer but the door was unlocked. Ella cracked it open and called out to Bev. She heard Bev’s voice coming from the bathroom and realized that she was in the shower alone. Ella was alarmed when Bev stopped talking. She proceeded to the bathroom, and found Bev slumped over in the shower, unable to speak. Ella immediately notified the facility, and Emergency Responders arrived within minutes. The paramedics ascertained that she was having a seizure and informed us that, had Ella not sounded the alarm when she did, the consequences could have been grave.

Golden Heart and Bev’s family are grateful to Ella for the Extraordinary Care she provided, going above and beyond the call of duty. By following that prompting to check in on a former client, Ella very well may have saved Bev’s life. Instead, she recovered in the hospital and is safely home again!