When I was in Junior High School, we had an assignment that required us to find a few of our older citizens in our small town and interview them.  We were to hear their stories and report to the class.  It was fun for me to listen to their tales.  I remember one gentleman who was stooped, scarred, and gnarled.  Retired from his lumber business, he impressed me with the accounts and pictures of his younger years as a professional prize fighter.  I still love to listen to the “days that once were.”

Most people assume that Golden Heart is a company that sends its staff to houses to cook, clean, and manage care.  The truth is, our men and women are actually entering people’s lives.  They become friends who care, individuals who begin to participate with them in their activities, needs, and hopes.  While they invest themselves in the client, it is always a two-way street.  They give love and respect, but they receive gratitude and personal sense of purpose. 

When they enter the client’s home, they leave behind their own world and enter the client’s world.  By keeping company with people who have lived long and well, they are able to travel into the past and go places they never dreamed of.  Hearing these memories creates a back story to the frail person sitting in front of them.   The aged gentleman is transformed into a young man who survived conditions we don’t even want to imagine.  The quiet, unassuming lady becomes that young debutante reliving her first date, first prom, and first kiss.

Some stories are more intriguing than others, but they are all personal insights in to the hearts and minds of those we provide care for.  We gain and we grow just by knowing these valuable people.

Yes, we provide for their needs, but it is indeed a two-way street.