Words cannot express the respect and appreciation my wife and I have for Golden Heart Senior Care. Under the professional leadership of Golden Kennedy, the highly trained and compassionate staff tirelessly cared for our parents through some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

Initially engaged by my father to care for my mother who had Alzheimer’s and was wheelchair bound, it soon became evident that both my parents needed their loving support – they each suffered from multiple degenerative health issues. Staff manager Angie Swaim scheduled some of the best CNA’s available to meet their special needs, and my parents loved them all. On one or two occasions when the personalities didn’t quite mix, Dad would confide in Angie (or Angie would read Mom’s body language), and a new Caregiver was quickly brought in. When something would go wrong at the house that needed fixing, and family was unavailable to take care of it, Bob Pratt was immediately there to fix the problem.

When Dad had a mini-stroke and spent several weeks in hospital and rehab, Golden Heart immediately went into 24/7 care to keep my mother safe – not knowing when or if they would be paid. They waited 9 weeks for my dad to regain his physical and cognitive stamina before they even discussed finances with him. When it became clear that my parents would continue to need 24 hour care indefinitely, they helped convince my father to consider an assisted living facility or moving in with family. Because Dad was having trouble understanding his financial situation, Golden put an “options paper” in writing for him to help his comprehension.

The lifestyle they provided to our parents didn’t just stop with the care. With family out of town or unavailable, Golden Heart provided celebrations for every birthday, holiday and special event. A highlight for them all was the celebration of my parents’ 71st Wedding Anniversary.

Mom and Dad loved all of their Caregivers and could never speak highly enough about Golden, Angie, and Bob. My dad didn’t always make things easy for the staff, but they never stopped showing him the highest level care and respect. He knew that Golden Heart genuinely cared for them and would always be there to meet their needs – and they did it with excellence and compassion.

Don D., Oklahoma